Why CompuVoIP?

Because it’s your business lifeline.

When your telecommunications tools are on the line, trust a provider that truly understands your individual setup needs. CompuVoIP is a sister company to Compu-Phone, a respected provider of traditional phone and PBX systems to local businesses for more than 30 years. In working with corporations and institutions of all makeups and sizes, we have come to witness how each organization utilizes available communication services in their own way. We’ve positioned these three decades of telecommunication experience as the backbone to all our modern Voice over IP solutions.

When you choose CompuVoIP, you are essentially tapping into a network of companies all offering diverse and advanced services for your business. Our promise to you is this: We will never cross the line of forcing a particular product or service onto your business – our telecommunications experts are here to assist you in identifying a system that is customized just for you.