Businesses look to
us for cutting-edge
security solutions.

When you’ve built your company from zero to hero, you never leave anything to chance. CompuCam is a full-service security company, outfitting corporate clients across New York and New Jersey with advanced surveillance, access control and intercom systems. The big guys trust us. So should you.

Why CompuCam?

Because you can’t afford to snooze.

You need to be in the know. You need reliable turnkey solutions that have you covered around the clock. At CompuCam, we do it all. One of our field experts visits your offices or facilities and conducts a 360° security survey. This is our process to determine what’s important to you, as well as to identify potential loopholes that present negative opportunities to would-be perpetrators.

Once we build your premise profile, we can recommend a strategic, all-inclusive security setup. We’ll present you with a clear-cut plan of camera placement – indoors and out.

You’ll also discover the top choices in recording equipment and software. Access control and intercom integration will follow, effectively completing your overarching security ‘bubble.’ You’ll work better and sleep better, knowing your business is secure and safe.

Part of the family.

CompuCam has got some serious pedigree. It is the latest branch in the trio of Compu companies: Compu-Phone, CompuVoIP and CompuCam. Together, these business solution providers lead the industry in quality security and communications applications at affordable prices.