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Intercom systems serve the simple yet crucial purpose of giving people quick access to their counterparts. Whether for public address, staff paging, private communication or door access, an effective intercom solution is an integral part of your three-dimensional security setup.

CompuCam provides reliable, state-of-the-art commercial intercom systems for both new construction and existing businesses. Offered as audio-video or audio only, our solutions feature the latest technological advancements for superior voice and video quality. Here’s how they complete your security infrastructure, especially when paired with our surveillance and access control platforms:

Per-Door Access

Employees and visitors can buzz the office manager or administrator to request entry at any access point throughout your facilities. Access can be granted by entering a code using the telephone keypad.

Effective Communication

Different departments and remote locations can effortlessly communicate with one another through telephone intercom systems. This could save you money spent on purchasing separate telephone lines.

Wireless & IP Solutions

For even more flexibility, our intercom systems can incorporate network-based intercom devices. These work with both LAN and WAN, and afford you all the scalability to support your company’s growth.

Increased Productivity

The better your intercom system, the less unnecessary foot traffic between departments. A CompuCam intercom solution will keep your employees focused on their work, which results in more productive days at the office.

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