Administrative control

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Corporate, institutional and hospitality settings alike rely on access control platforms to allow and deny entry to employees and visitors. CompuCam specializes in offering turnkey services in the access control space. We install, service and upgrade digital keypads, card readers and fingerprint scanners, as well as their software-driven management systems.

The advantages of taking the 21st-century access control route are many:

Peace of Mind

Every entry and exit is recorded, making tracking of who went where at what time easier than ever. And if you ever leave your keys at home, no worries. You can always get in with an override code or touch of a finger.

Remote Management

Log in from anywhere in the world – all you need is an Internet connection – and remotely grant or deny access of others to specific areas. You can even open doors remotely and view both real-time and recorded activity.

Endless Scalability

Growing team? Our software-based access control system can add, remove and alter groups of employees and control individual card/code clearances. No company is ever too big or too small to control with ease.

Customized Applications

You have your own definition of control. Run your ship your way with customized and convenient features that allow you to utilize our system’s abilities to their fullest. Contact us to learn more about available features.

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