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In a sentence, SIP is a method of delivering VoIP lines to a traditional phone system. Thanks to its easy integration with older systems, it offers a host of VoIP-like features and multimedia setup capabilities that can enhance traditional phone systems in many ways.

CompuVoIP can help you bundle all the great features available across all telecom methods. Take a cue from our company name: Our VoIP offers are computed. Only after a proper review of your business communications needs do we build the perfect phone solution for you.

SIP Advantages:

+ Unified Outbound Caller ID

With traditional copper lines, outbound caller ID is that of actual line being used. Companies dislike that people can save the individual number and call back. With SIP, every outgoing call will come up as the main company number.

+ Online Access to Web Portal

+ Call Activity Reports

Can be filtered by date, incoming & outgoing calls, total call volume by date/phone number.

+ Call Forwarding Access

+ Scheduled Call Forwarding

+ Call Blocking & Blacklisting

+ Cloud Auto-Attendant for Failover

Cloud auto-attendant can be set up to route calls to mailboxes that will subsequently email messages to pre-assigned users in case of Internet failure.

+ Multi-Location Shared Phone Lines

A single group of SIP lines can branch out over several customer locations. Since all originate in the cloud and do not physically reside at each individual location, multiple company offices can share the same phone lines.

+ Flat-Rate Pricing & Competitive International Rates

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